Military Spouse of the Year: Ashley Woodcock

Meet a truly inspiring young woman, Ashley Woodcock, who won the remarkable title of Military Spouse of the Year for the State of Michigan by Armed Forces Insurance. Her mission is to be able to help military families who have children with disabilities, and ensure they are connected with the resources they need.

Read about her amazing story and the worthy causes that she supports.

Tell us about yourself!

Six years ago, I married my high school sweetheart. Within a year of being married, I became not just a mother but also took on the role of a proud National Guard spouse. I have a true passion for helping others and do so whenever I can. Throughout the years, volunteering has been an integral part of my life. I have volunteered with the Girl Scouts of America, Relay For Life, National Cherry Festival, Skilled Nursing Facilities, community benefit dinners, Operation Homefront, and now as the SFRG Treasurer for my husband’s unit.

I have an extensive background in healthcare, holding titles anywhere from Certified Nurse Aide to Business Office Manager. I am currently the Operations Manager for Choice Autism Center, which provides ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy to children with Autism. Throughout my years in healthcare, I’ve become an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. The last 6 years have been absolutely wonderful. I am so thankful for the opportunities that I’ve been given to help both inside and outside the military community. I look forward to continuing my professional growth as well as my involvement within the military community.

What platform do you advocate for? Why?

Since my husband joined the National Guard, I have discovered there is a high need in educating families on available resources that the military provides. With military families not living near a base, it can be a struggle to not only get connected with resources but to even know what is available. My ultimate goal is to work closely with organizations, helping military families who have children with disabilities, and connecting them with area resources such as Operation Autism and Autism Speaks.

Ashley is heavily involved in the military community, from arranging donations to stepping up in leadership roles. Her voluntarism and advocacy for others has been an integral part of her life. With the honor of being selected as an AFI Military Spouse of the Year, she has a well-earned platform to continue helping military families in times of trial. Congratulations, Ashley!

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