Freedom From the Narratives

By Hannah Bouwmeester

Are you tired of living in a self-imposed prison? Exhausted listening to the same record playing over and over again every day? You know, the same narratives and unconscious playlists we all have.

“You’re not good enough.”

“Your family would be better off without you.”

“Why are you such a failure?”

“You can never do anything right.”

This tendency to gravitate to the negative is a universal human problem. Several people tell us what an amazing job we have done with some task or project, but it only takes one person criticizing one thing, and we start spiraling into self-doubt and discouragement.

Negative narratives surround us daily. The nightly news shines the spotlight on the most base and evil behavior with very little air time given to the world’s positive being done. Why do we seem to be people fueled by the controversy and the presence of an antagonist? You know what I mean; you post something positive and uplifting on social media and get a smattering of likes and maybe a few comments. However, if you want to get a ton of mileage out of a post, post something inflammatory and controversial, sit back, and watch the comments fly!


Why is this a problem? Our Physiology and DNA is affected by the thoughts we allow into our minds or ruminate in our soul.


The advancement of science shows that thoughts can add either positive or negative chemicals to our DNA (Epigenetics). It has been proven that our thoughts can turn on or off specific genes and cause disease in our bodies or promote health.

When we spend our lives focused on negative internal or external narratives, we are inviting disease, psychological issues, emotional imbalances, and the like into our lives. We need to cultivate an awareness of what is going on in our minds on a moment-by-moment basis in order to begin to challenge the narrative and find peace and wholeness again.

As a trained life coach, I am very familiar with the struggle from a personal perspective and working with many people trying to gain victory over daily negative narratives. For myself, I can attest, it IS possible to transform your thinking and begin to adjust the narrative so you can rise above the self-imposed ceiling you may be dealing with personally as well as professionally.

If you are sick of the same old record and the same old bad results, email me at beautifulbalancecoach@gmail.com for more personal practical help TODAY.

Until next time.

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