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    B.A.M. – Mindset Motivation

    Written By Brad Giglio – Owner/Coach Crossfit Due North (Army Veteran)

    B.A.M.! Just like that, we are five months into 2021! Are you still motivated with your intention or resolution made in the new year? Or did the plan fall to the wayside? In reality, 98% of New Year’s resolutions fail – an actual tracked fact. 

    What makes a difference with the 2% of people who do make it and make it stick? It’s the mindset! I know, easier said than done.  

    I want to talk about B.A.M (bare-ass minimum). How can this help me with a resolution or having a positive mindset?  It is simple; it allows us to create balance.  Whether you are looking to save more money or drop more weight, or anything in between, it doesn’t happen overnight.  Not doing anything and saving every penny can be miserable. Eating plain chicken and steamed broccoli can take their toll on us mentally and can become incredibly stale.  It can be so dull and bland that we begin to resent it and no longer want any part of it. Having a B.A.M. can be the solution.

    Having a bare-ass minimum is just a tiny piece of a larger goal, but it is much more attainable and helps us keep our sanity. Let me explain.  B.A.M. is something that we are willing to do every day or every week to work towards our goal.  There is a huge bonus that should leave us buzzing with a sense of accomplishment if we do more.  If my B.A.M. for saving more money is to save $100 from each paycheck along with only going out to eat two times a week, that is perfect.  However, if I only go out to eat once a week and add an extra $200 to my savings at the end of the month, I just did more than what my B.A.M. required, and I am ahead of the game.  For exercise, maybe it is working out three times a week. This small piece of the goal pushes you towards your resolution, but in smaller, more manageable chunks.  Staying consistent with that process gets you results versus going all in and smashing your face for two weeks at the local gym.  

    As functioning adults, we need to find balance within our lives, and we do that through smaller, more intentional decisions that typically don’t overly impact our lives or routines.  Many people wake up every day and brush their teeth without even thinking of it. It is because you have done it for decades, and it is woven into a part of your daily routine.  Making more massive changes like a New Year’s resolution typically takes time, and we aren’t going to flip habits overnight. Breaking our days and weeks up into B.A.M.s allows us flexibility while still maintaining the accountability to reach our goals without creating burnout or guilt for not doing something new every day.

    My challenge to you is to pick something that you truly want to do and set two bare-ass minimum tasks directly in line with that overall arching goal.  Write them down in a place you see every day and enjoy reaching those goals.