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    Author: GATHER

    By Amanda Renkiewicz Everyone knows that a smile speaks volumes! No one knows this better than the Michigan Dental Association, a group consisting of devoted professionals who were born to create beautiful smiles. Yet their services have gone far beyond the

    Written By G. Roy The American Flag instills love among the American citizens and fear among its enemies. Every American loves the American flag, and their heart fills with pride when they see their flag flying high. But, does every American

    Written by Brandon Lohr - Veterans Benefits Specialist at Reynolds Jonkhoff Funeral Home  If you have ever walked through a cemetery, you have probably noticed special mementos left behind by previous visitors and loved ones. The practice of leaving mementos at

    By Hannah Bouwmeester Some of the prevailing mental health issues Veterans and others of us deal with today are depression, PTSD, despair, survivor’s guilt, or other negative emotional states. People generally deal with these states more and more in our argumentative,

    By Amanda Renkiewicz Family business has never been more meaningful or significant than with Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home. With six generations of their family running the company, they have the expertise and empathy to make difficult times as loving and respectful as

    Written By Mike Kent The shadow box sits at one end of the garage under an American flag. In it contains the relics of 22-years of Ron Smith's life. They include medals and a list of Navy duty stations that started

    Written by Karen Rieser - Photography by Bill O'Rourke Indigenous to North America the Bald Eagle and its companion eagles have found their way into a variety of cultures as representations of strength, courage, freedom, and immortality. The Roman military used

    Michigan Veteran Homes' 'Make a Veteran Smile Campaign' Brings Joy to Veteran Members Around the Holidays  LANSING, Mich. - Michigan Veteran Homes' 'Make a Veteran Smile Campaign' encourages Michigan residents to spread holiday cheer by sending a card or letter to

    By Amanda Renkiewicz - Photos by John Russell Santa Claus may have a team of crafty elves and the fastest flying reindeer in the world, but reaching approximately 500 million homes stretching across the globe in one evening requires extra help.

    November News and Recap by MI Freedom Center: The entire week of Veteran’s Day was a 10th Anniversary celebration of the Michigan Armed Forces Hospitality Center – more commonly known as the Michigan Freedom Center – located inside the Metro Detroit