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    Author: GATHER

    Why not Respond Fast to First-Responders? By E. Malik Firefighters – the emergency response workers in a uniform who rush to the site of the attack in the fastest time possible on your first call – at the end of the day,

    By E. Malik - Featured Photos by Mike Kent The Traverse City Patriot Game is a must-see annual event held in the fall during the high school football season. Veterans, First-Responders, and Armed Services, amongst others, are celebrated by the massive

    GATHER Veterans-Warriors-Heroes seeks to educate, inspire, and encourage our Veterans, Active-Duty Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMTs, Nurses, and Teachers through compelling storytelling, community connections, events, print, and digital resources. We also effectively provide our investment partners with various opportunities to

    Hero Services is a new organization that is starting to make great strides within the Veteran and First Responder communities. At the end of 2020, they formalized into a non-profit. Before that, Hero Services was a group of individuals, predominantly

    By Mike Kent It took a motorcycle and a truck to do what 19 years as a Marine, and 18 tours in some of the hottest war zones in the world could never do.  It left the body of Laszlo Szalay

    By Mike Kent Apparently, they knew the platoon was coming.  On this day in 1966, the Viet Cong were ready for the American troops.  Bruce Douglas and his platoon walked right into an ambush.  The sound of the attack was deafening

    By Amanda Renkiewicz Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build sustainable homes, communities, and hope. Among the many who benefit from their outstanding efforts is the Veteran community. They explain, “Today, 1.4 million

    By Pete Lathrop We all do our share of reflecting on past events, mostly scrolling through pictures and social media posts.  We whittle down the most important and memorable times to just a handful of moments that seem brighter and

    The 5th annual DK5K (Drew Kostic Memorial 5K Tough Run) was a huge success. Many showed up Saturday, August 14, 2021, laced up their shoes, and were ready to give their best to the muddy Tough Run course in Copemish,

    By Mike Kent In May 2007, meteorologists were keeping an eye on a cold front about to hit the east coast shoreline. Subtropical storm Andrea was bringing hurricane-force winds and producing 34-foot waves. One boat with three people onboard was facing